Ford Focus II
we got him from 10.01.2011 :)
with nice equipment

DVD changed from 1DIN to 2DIN (now cockpit looks much better)

I changed my headlights (my old leaking),
new are more attractive :)

video camera changed to better resolution from 720 to 1080
with rear view, GPS, speed tachometer and more :)

ready for bike :)

amazing and very helpful :)

waiting for assembly :)

Photos from 09.04.2011

New wheels - STlook :)

ContiPremiumContact 205/55/16 + Fordsuperhiperaluwheels :)

Rear camer working :)

Waiting for spring because is too cold to assmebly :)

Now i can call and watch movies :P

First photos :)

Edition 2015 - Michal Saklak