Have an idea for arrangments Your apartment or room and wanted to watch it in three dimensions before you start the renovation? Please contact with me and within 72 hours you will receive presentations of Your new home.
You will be able to see how your ideas will they looked when they were introduced in life.

I can present Your vision of building, loft or anything You desire.

Maybe You want to have a wonderful garden or beautiful yard?

I can also draw workstation, all production line or trolley.

Below You can download 3d viewer :

- Skp-Viewer-2016 (17MB) DOWNLOAD

and presentation, 3d models :

- Meble 3D (0,8MB) DOWNLOAD

- Layout of production line (5,52MB) DOWNLOAD

- Workstation (3,91MB) DOWNLOAD

- Table and trolleys (5,73MB) DOWNLOAD

- Trolley (3,1MB) DOWNLOAD

- Posesja 3D DOWNLOAD
(2d draft below) (36,1MB)

I can make a 2D drawing.
If you need drawing of tool, layout or something else. I can help You.

Edition 2015 - Michal Saklak